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    Love IWP, Hate IWP

      Such a great technology, but it can be very flaky. And when it's not working, sometimes nothing but a complete reinstall of both the OS and FMS will do. But I do hope they continue to include and update this great technology -- I'd hate to have to hire a PHP programmer to reconstruct the many screens that are handled by IWP.


      (Note that I have latest OS X, FMS 12, plenty of RAM, etc. Others have reported the same setup with no issues, so I'm going to call this a "flakey" issue.)


      With well over 30 separate FMS installs throughout the years (I think I started with Server 3, and once dabbled with a Linux install), every single one since Server 7 installed smoothly and ran without incident when using FileMaker as a client.


      But when IWP starts to complain, good luck with trouble-shooting. Portal alignments? RAM? FMS - OS - Apache? Plug-ins? Sunspots?


      Tonight will be a complete wipe and reinstall of the OS and FMS.

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          FM is aware of this situation and if you went to Devcon last summer, you saw previewed some future improvements in this area.  But these improvements are still under non-disclosure and not apart of the current product offerings.  My personal guess is that FM13 will be close to being released around Devcon in August and, if not, at least a preview of FM13 will be given.  We'll probably find out more then.  But that is just a guess.


          PS:  For those of you who do not know, going to Devcon usually gets you an inside scoop to some future feature releases.  So sign up for Devcon and I hope to see you there in August!