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    FM pro and Adobe Lightroom integration


      I was wondering if someone has integrated Adobe Lightroom 4.x with FM Pro 12. What I would like to do is the following:

      - Use FM to track image title, caption, keywords, limited edition, client name, price, etc. ... and it would be a bi-directional communication, where if changes are made in LR they are automatically updated in FM and viceversa

      - Point the FM record to Lightroom (so the image resides in Lightroom and FM only gets a pointer). The idea is to be able to update the image in Lightroom and have FM automatically pick it up.


      Thanks in advance for letting me know if you think this is possible on how to approach it.


      Oliver Klink.

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          The Lightroom database is a SQLite database, which is not supported by FileMaker's External SQL Server (ESS).  But FileMaker does support ODBC connections such as through Actual Technologies ODBC driver for Mac (or you can Google "SQLite ODBC driver" for Windows).  I am not sure if Adobe hides Lightroom's SQLite from being an ODBC source, but it is worth a try to see if it works.