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    Filemaker 12 email features


      If we prepare a document and generate a list of customers with an email address.


      And click Send.....these are sent to the Outbox of Outlook.

      However, the user needs to answer a prompt for each email sent - saying essentially "Yes, OK to send this email." - before each email is sent to Outlook.


      How can we get a true bulk email feature? Both on Windows and on the Mac?


      We have a Mac customer with this issue now - do we advise getting a specific email software?



      I appreciate any help.





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          CLick the box in the Send Mail script step that says "Perform without Dialog".  Or better yet, send via an SMTP server instead of the mail client. 

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            In the "Send Mail" Options dialog box, you should be able select "Send via: SMTP Server" to bypass the need for an email client program.  Once this option is selected, click the "Specify..." button to open the SMTP Options dialog box.  From this dialog, you can specify the "Sender" information as well as the account information needed to connect to the mail server.  From my experience, the setup usually requires a little trial and error to make sure the account info, port and authentication type are selected/entered correctly.  In most cases, I use an dedicated email account for the login info, but you should be able to test using any valid account for the mail server.


            Once you have the SMTP options setup, you can proceed to setup the email message and the recipient list.  In order to have the most control, I typical setup the email message and then loop through my list of contacts so that I can personalize the "To:" information as well as the salutation in the email message for each recipient of the email message.


            I hope this helps.  If anything needs clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


            Have a great day.



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              Thanks for your reply. We have customers that sometimes have multi-user, but mostly have our runtime solution.


              So, we will try the script step that says Perform Without Dialog.   


              Given the above, and that we do not go to our customers location, the program is "locked" and they generally do not have their SMTP information handy to personalize even the multi-user version, do you think that adding this script step should work and is the best/quickest solution?






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                GIven your situation of not knowing the SMTP server info, using the mail client app is probably the best way to go and keep it simple. 


                You noted that some clients have multiple users and this made me think about users with multiple email accounts.  One thing about using the client while Performing Without Dialog is that it sends an email from the mail app using the last selected from email.  At least that is true with Apple Mail (not sure about Outlook).  So if you want the reply email to be a specifc one of several email accounts on the mail client, then they need to click on a email to that address before running the FIleMaker script.  Obviously if you Perform with a Dialog, you get the change to choose who you are sending from. Explaining this to users that have multiple email accounts is sometimes challenging.  And clients that have a single email account on the mail app don't have any problems. 


                Altenatively you can give people a choice when running the script whether they want it to run silently instead of prompting them with a dialog box.  And you could give them an option of an SMTP server by creating a layout with the required SMTP fields so that the clients who do know how to set it up can do that.  Yes, it would be more work and might cause more confusion than solutions.  But it is an option for power users. 

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                  I think Outlook will still give you a "Do you want to send?" dialog. It's not something under FileMaker's control (and Outlook's suspicion of e-mails being sent automatically is reasonable). You could try third party software like ClickYes by ContextMagic.


                  Or you can build an SMTP account manager into your solution. Someone's configured the user's e-mail client, those settings are around somewhere, and if you want FileMaker to send mail seamlessly, that's the way to go. Store the send mail settings in the user's preferences record and load them into global variables on startup. Then reference those variables in your Send Mail[] script step.

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                    I believe that the warning that you are talking about is Outlook saying "a program is trying to send mail on your behalf..."


                    If that's the case, the end-user may be able to modify their security settings to allow FileMaker to send emails. Details are here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/i-get-warnings-about-a-program-accessing-e-mail-address-information-or-sending-e-mail-on-my-behalf-HA001229943.aspx

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                      Hi Taylor,


                      When you suggested "click the box in the Send Mail Script that says Peform without Dialog" would you be so kind as to send a screenshot or point us in the direction of exactly where that checkbox can be found? -- The FMP Developer working on this section is running into an issue where he cannot find it.  We are using FMP 12 Advanced.


                      Thanks again,


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                        Make sure to click on the Send Mail script step.  Then you will see the "Perform Without Dialog" check box. 


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                          Hi Taylor,


                          Thanks for your assistance....but could you please take a look at the attached screenshot (Word document) showing what we see in the "Send Mail" options screen.  


                          It is different from your screen shot, and does not have the Perform Without Dialog checkbox in the bottom left.


                          Sorry, but can you please direct us to the right screen?



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                            Todd, that screenshot is the "Send Mail" options. You got there by either double clicking on the "Send Mail" script step or choosing "Specify…" from the script creation screen.


                            Once you click OK on the options screen you should see the script creation screen with the checkbox for "Perform without dialog".


                            Basically you are one layer too deep.