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    Converting from fp5 to fp7 format.


      I've got a FileMaker solution that is currently running under FM 5 and 6. It's got a number of files with relationships between the files going in both directions. When I attempt to convert the FP5 files to FP7 (using FM Pro 10), I wind up in a situation where I need file B converted to FP7 in order to convert file A, but file B can't be converted because it needs file A. Any idea on how I can work around this issue?



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          When it asks for the other file, just hit cancel.  It is looking at the external sources and trying to link them up, but that is not necessary for the conversion process. 

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            As best as I can recall the last time I did a 5 to 7 conversion I think you can overcome this problem by selecting both files and having FM convert them both together

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              farokh --


              I agree with keywords here.  Drag & Drop or select both files and convert them together if they are related to one another.  There are internal references that should be updated.  After conversion, you'll see some of the explicitly in Manage>External Data Sources, but there are also references in Scripts that are harder to see. You'll want all of this converted to keep a working solution.


              Now, if you start being asked for files outside of the original two, you should begin to ask yourself what you hooked in at one time and whether you still need it.


              -- Drew Tenenholz

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                I had tried to convert all of them in one shot, but ran into problems where one file was looking for another file that didn't exist. I suspect that at some point a file was renamed and someone just updated the link when FM asked, but never bothered to actually fix the relation to point to the correct file.


                I guess I'll just have to plan on spending some amount of time getting this done. Good thing it's a one time switch.



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                  Yes convert them all at once and cancel out of any requests that ask for files not available and then IMMEDIATELY edit all your external data sources to remove all the bad ones and correct the ones that are left. In my experience the best approach was to just recreate the database as a single file and import everything rather then run a converted but unconsolidated .fp5 solution. Good luck!

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                    The problem with recreating it is that there are a huge number of scripts involved, spread out over multiple files. I'd prefer not to do that

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                      Yes but the whole point of the .fp7 format is that you need FAR less scripts to accomplish the same things since they now can be parameterized. Moving a bunch of old code from 10 or more years ago is not advised but I do understand your hesitation. I went throiugh all this years ago and rewriting was always the best option in the long run. What is the reason you aren't just going right to 12 at this point?

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                        Stephen Huston

                        If you can place all of the related files together in a folder, you can actually drag the entire folder onto the FMPro application for a batch conversion, which will avoid the issues of related files.


                        If you have a reference to a missing file, that can still be a problem. You might run a DDR and check for missing files and fix any bad data links prior to conversion for a cleaner process.

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                          If the problem exists even when converting all files together, then your file references are messed up. I highly recommend a product called MetaDataMagic. It can clean up your file references before you convert, as well as report on many other potential issues.

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                            Can't go to FM 12 because the people using this still have some PPC machines running OS X 10.5, so that's why I'm going to the .FP7 format.


                            I'll take a look at MetaDataMagic, but I was able to convert the files together, and it appeared to work, but I've run into a problem. Under FM 5, there's a relationship that works, which doesn't seem to work under FM 7. I'm not all the versed in relationships, but, it appears that under FP7, there's a 110 character limit on text compares for relationships. Is that not the case under FP5?


                            Basically, there's a portal into a file that works under FP5 but is empty under FP7. Both sides of the realtion are calculated fields, but one (the target) is huge (something like 10 Kbytes of text), and I'm thinking that may be why it's failing to find any related records.



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                              Sure I understand I have a customer in the same situation can't go to 12 for the same reason. I think the limit in .fp7 is 100 characters as far as the key lenght not sure about the name of the relationship though. Is there any way for you to make it shorter?

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                                FileMaker 7 did make some changes to indexing that could affect relationships. See:




                                Regarding file references: you might have one script "A" that used file reference A and another script "B" that used file reference B -- even though they reference the same file. But this was all below the surface in FileMaker 6, you couldn't do anything about it.


                                After converting to FP7, you'd be tempted to go in and delete the extra file reference B. Congratulations, script "B" is now broken. This is the pain you avoid with MetaDataMagic.