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    Layouts and Portals


      Okay..So I created 7 layouts for the Desktop. Now I'm developing the Iphone layouts and I want my layouts to work on 1 button.. Is there anyway to draw a portal field and drag my layout on top of that to allow the button sort and go to my different layout..if that make sense? I'm assuming I have to start the layout over and use portals to call the layouts for the Iphone layouts.

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          I think you're going to have to give us some more information on your project. What are the portals for? Is the proposed button strictly to sort and go to a different layout? What specifically do you mean when you say you want your layouts to work on one button? Are you sure you're using the correct terminology? (Layouts don't live in a portal.)

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            I name each layout consistently to match the platform, such as "Customers - Go", "Customers - Pro", etc. and then I use an extra blank "routing" layout for each layout group aka "Customers" . That layout contains only an OnLayoutLoad script trigger that runs a script that has a Go to Layout[] calculation  = Get ( LayoutName ) & " - " & Get ( ApplicationVersion )*. When I want to navigate to a layout I just navigate to "Customers" and that layout's trigger script handles the routing.


            This method is especially handy because you can use the Go to Related Record[] script step or single script step commands on buttons.


            *Actually, I use a custom function to make the calculations a little simpler and to pull whether it's iPhone or iPad or a Desktop client in a developer-friendly way.

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              Yes..I want the one button to be a pop-up list that each time you switch the list it changes to that layout..