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Developing Live

Question asked by AmyS on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by Lemmtech

Oh the dreaded two words....developing live.


Here is my predictament. I am developing a database that is being used in an office enviroment for their data and they are being my beta Company A. We are daily working on the solution but now another co wants to be my my beta and be using the database. I set them up on Friday at a critical point thinking they probably dont need most of the new features I am adding anyway. Well now the weekend has passed and we did a lot of changes to the original main beta that are not on the second Company B that are really cool. What is the solution for updating a solution for companies using my database both from a development standpoint and a end-user content delivery standpoint? Any links, whitepapes, plug-i suggestions, or durect feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.