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How do I design a layout with two portals?

Question asked by kkilgall on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by RayCologon

I have three tables: Contacts, Accounts and Events.


I would like to create a layout where for an event with a portal within in which I can associate one or more contacts and another portal in which I can associate one or more accounts.


I can get the Accounts portal to work fine but I can't get the contacts (participants) portal to work properly. I can't even get anything to show in the drop down.


The contact data I'm trying to list in the portal is External_Reference which is a caluation in the Contacts table made up of a concatenation of last and first names and account. The Relationship picture below shows me linking to the ContactID field but that was during a temporary experiemnt of mine. The result is the same.


I don't want the two portals to be dependant on each other.


Why is one working but not the other??????


I've included some screenshots below. Any guidance would be appreciated. I would not be surprised if I've gotten lost in the parent/child or some many-to-many nexus.