Flaky Conditional Formatting

Discussion created by deanchampeau on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2013 by dburnham

I'm trying to use conditional formatting to do a very simple thing... format text conditionally to create a menu for users that signifies what layout they happen to be on. But I'm experiencing all kinds of flakiness that doesn't make any sense.


Basically, I've created 4 little pieces of text that act as menu items displayed along the top of my layouts. I have them defined as buttons that take the user to the desired layout. I also have conditional formatting applied to each of the pieces of text using a formula... get (layoutname) = "customer" (as an example). Each piece of text has it's corresponding layout name in the conditonal-formatting formula. As far as the formatting itself, all I'm doing is applying a simple underline.


But when I browse, it will work for a while, but then if I move type around, or change the typeface or whatever, it will stop working. Actually, it will stop working for some of the items to which I've applied conditional formatting, but continue to work for others. Truly strange behavior.


Has anyone else encountered this?