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FileMaker Server 12, FileMaker Go, ESS disconnect

Question asked by IsaacSato on Mar 6, 2013

I created a small FileMaker Go database with some of the tables being pulled from a MySQL database. Works perfectly in FileMaker (desktop) and IWP. However the FileMaker Go version has issues when the app is put into the background / hibernate / sleep. (when the home button is pressed on the iPhone or screen locks) At this point, on returning the FileMaker Go app within two minutes, all is fine.


After two minutes, I can see the FileMaker server dropping the FileMaker Go client and on MySQL the connection being dropped. It is at this point when I reconnect to the database there are issues. The FileMaker functions and layouts are fine, because it has reconnected to the database. However attempting to save into a MySQL database fails. Within the field, I only see

<Connection Lost>

On the FileMaker server the connection is reestablished, on the MySQL, the connection is NOT reestablished.


I changed the idle time on the server to 3, 4, 5 hours, but that does not help. I changed the fmreauthenticate to 0, 5, 10, 15, but that did not work too.


Is there a way to keep FileMaker server 12 from dropping the FileMaker Go client after 2 minutes? Can I keep it alive for 30 minutes?


Is there a way for Filemaker Go to not only reconnect to the FileMaker server but to the MySQL database also?


If not, is there a way to know the connection on the server has dropped and at that point script it to close the file on FileMaker Go so the user has to put in there username and password again?