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    FileMaker doesn't save the change


      Hi there,


      I'm using Filemaker Pro 11 right now. Recently I found the Filemaker never saves the change to database file after I entered a few new data. I'm sure it didn't reach 64MB the size of file cache. I tried 'During idle time' and 'every 10 minutes' options. For both options, I didn't see Filemaker wrote the change the database file. Only I close the database, the change saved to the file finally. Right now, only thing I can do is to force flush the cache to the disk through the script. Do you have any idea about this situation? Thanks in advance.



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          Hi Wayne


          It is not as bad as you might think.


          The issue is that FileMaker does not automatically save your new data unless you tell it to.


          Moving to another record, or moving to another layout are the normal ways that FileMaker notices that it is time to save the current record.


          But there are two manual events that will save the current record;


          1) Press the 'Enter' key on the numeric pad, (or 'Fn' + 'Return' on a MacBook).


          2) Click your cursor on a part of the layout outside any fields.


          There is no need to take any further steps.


          Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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            Hi Alan,

            Thank you for the prompt reply.


            Acutally, I already saved the current record, and moved to other layout/record. I watched the modification time of my file, it did't change until I closed the file. I guess Filemaker only wirte the change to the cache until the cache is full or the file is closed?



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              The File Modification Timestamp is written by the System, not FMP. FMP has the file open and is modifying it so the system doesn't know when to write the modification timestamp value, because FM's not done modifying it yet.



              You can't use the File Modification Timestamp value as an indication of whether or not FMP has saved changes.

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                After 'Flush Cache to Disk' script, the system updated the modification time immediately. compared to Excel, I can see whenever I save the Excel file, the modification time of Excel file is changed.  I still don't understanding why FMP is always modifying the file when it's opened. Maybe I can do the test to see whether FMP actually saved the change by comparing the file size.


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                  None of the file level attributes are valid/current/reliable as long as the File is Open in FMP. And FMP keeps the file open unless told to close it and even then it may keep it open anyway. You can not determine if or when changes are saved by using disk level parameters.


                  Flash Cache to Disk actually saves all changes and tells the OS to update the file statistics. Similar to closing the file. This does not happen under normal FMP use of a file.


                  Its a function of FMP to adjust the internal file structure for its own purposes. We cannot know why or when these changes are required, thats an FMI secret.


                  The requirement of any database program are so different from a spreadsheet or word processor that its an Apples-to-Oranges comparison.

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                    I would try increasing the size of the file cache in the preferences to see if that makes a difference.  Quit FM and then try your save record procedure again.  The cache may be holding more than just the one database you are working with, and you are allowed to increase it to 255MB in FM-12.  That could be a good reason to upgrade to 12 if this problem persists for you.

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                      I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly.


                      You add data to your file.  Move another record or another field.  The data isn't being saved.  Is this correct?  Because it seems like what you're saying is that you're judging whether or not the data has been saved based on the FileMaker file modification date instead of just looking at the data in the record.  FileMaker isn't like Excel in that you must explicitly tell it to save the changes you've made.  Once you enter data into a field and hen click out of that field into another (or go into another record or any of the dozens of other things that will cause FileMaker to commit the changes) those changes are saved.  Unless you're entering data, closing the database, and returning to find that the data you entered isn't there, then I don't see the problem.


                      As others have said, that file modification date is not a good indicator of whether or not data is saved. 


                      If you're concerned that data is being entered and NOT saved, make sure you have fields for modification timestamps in each table (as well as modified by) so that you can go back and verify when the record was last modified. 

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                        This is true only if the option is set on the layout to save record changes automatically. If not checked then you would be prompted to save changes.

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                          True.  I assumed since he didn't mention being asked to save changes that he hadn't turned off that option since it's on by default. 

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                            Thank you all. I checked FMP did save the change to the file secretly when the file is opened without any visible change of file size and modified time. does this attribute to the corruption of a database when other program is running like disk cleanup, backup and anti-virus?

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                              As long as you open and close your FMP files properly your database should not be corrupted. Problems can arise if there is a crash or force quit for some reason.