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    Executing a scripttrigger via a relationship


      Is there a way to execute a scripttrigger on a specific field via a relationship?

      Let me explain.

      I have a table A and a table B. Both tables are related by field id_customer.


      In table A i have a field called DATE and on that field i have a scripttrigger that executes after modification of the field. However if i change this field via table B , the scripttrigger doesn't work.

      Is there a way to solve that?

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          Script trigger can be executed on any field on a layout. Test it with the debugger and see if you're sending the right parameters. 


          And which trigger are you talking about? In some cases you need two triggers for one action: one to store the current contents of the field and one to do what you ant to do. 


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            Script triggers are invoked by direct operations only. Clicking in/out of a field is a direct operation. Changing a field's contents via a script or calculation via relationship is an indirect operation; therefore script triggers are not executed. (Neither are they executed when performing bulk operations - Import, Replace, Relookup, and in most cases, spell-check operations.)


            Agnes is correct in that the field must reside on a layout and that field must be directly operated upon for the trigger to execute. Perhaps you could give us a few specifics on exactly how you're trying to trigger the script; is it when you are actually in the related field? Is it via a calc? Via another script?