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Opening Browser Window from Web Viewer in FMv12

Question asked by amclare on Mar 6, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by amclare

We have a small web viewer window in our FMv12 database that displays a feed of recent posts of interest to the database users. When folks click on a link there, we'd like their default web browser to open the link in a window on their desktop, rather than having the link display in the web viewer inside the small feed window.


It works with Safari when using target="_blank" because the default action in response to that in Safari is to open a new window. For tabbed browsers such as Chrome or Firefox (haven't tested with IE yet, but I imagine that is the same), the default action is to open a new tab, which doesn't cause the browser to open the link on the desktop; it just displays the new page in the tiny feed screen inside FileMaker. Not optimal.


I'm using PHP to pull the feed from our Facebook page; is there something I can add to the web page that will pop this page outside of FileMaker? As the PHP generates the links via coding as it pulls them off Facebook, I'd like it to be a fairly simple thing to call. Or better still, is there is any setting for the web viewer such that you can force a browser window to open a link outside of FileMaker?


We have tried to set it so that any click inside the box would trigger opening a browser with a designated URL (probably our Facebook page), but that turned out to include users trying to scroll further down to see any older items in the feed; the scroll bars are an inseparable part of the window, it seems.


Oh, and is there any way to remove the horizontal scrollbar while leaving the vertical one in place? The text is not as wide as the box, but is longer, and I can't seem to make the horizontal scroll go away...


Thanks for any help!