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Making Universal Field Change in a Lookup - How???

Question asked by tb3 on Mar 6, 2013
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I can do a search and find the records I'm looking for. The field data I search, in this instance of this question, changes often, and needs to be changed in every record in the lookup. Lets say the files in this lookup have a field called "cards". In this field there are different letters of the alphabet for each record A's,B's C's etc. I want to change every "card" field for every record, regardless of what it contains now (always text) to "X". How?


I've looked at "Global" changes but they seem to be designed for permanence, like a zip code change. I need to be able to make these changes on the fly because I may change them again today and twice tomorrow but when they are changed again, the lookup will be different. It will not bee all the same X-files derrived from the original lookup.


I'm guessing there is a really-really easy way to do this that I'm missing - please clue me in. Thanks, Thom


Filemaker Pro 11 - Windows 7