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Custome Web Publishing using XML FMSA 12

Question asked by colins on Mar 7, 2013

Dear Filemaker people,


Please could you enlighten me as to the reasons why the behaviour in XML custom web publishing has changed in FMSA 12. Here are 2 examples, that have led to untold misery...


1) the 'neq' operator:

in FMSA12 'neq' literally means "not equal to" - in that it operates only on an exact match.

For example I might have 3 entires in a field: 'UK, USA, Eur'. In order for 'neq' to work in FMSA12 it must now exactly match that field entry i.e. the query must be 'UK, USA, Eur'. This is akin to an omit '==' search in Pro. No longer will it work with a single entry, e.g. (neq) UK. These worked fine in FMSA9 (my previous server), but no longer


2) numeric and date fields:

These no longer work without an 'eq' operator preceding the query - I assume here that by default FMSA puts in a 'bw' operator. Without that 'eq' a search of a numeric field for 1962 will also return 19620 to 19629 or even 196200 to 196299. Huh? FMSA9 had no issue with this.


As for dates, unless that 'eq' operator is included, they return an error. FMSA9 found had no issue with this.


I can only assume that every query is now taken to be a string, whatever the search field (Number or Date etc.)


Am I missing something essential or being incredibly thick or is this really the behaviour of FMSA12?


Finally, I have used Filemaker since v.3 and every version henceforth has introduced changes in behaviour that require me to make changes to the way my systems work. Why is this? And doesn't anyone properly test new versions for behavioural anomalies?


Many thanks,