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value list conversion problem in layout

Question asked by liyangao on Mar 7, 2013

I have converted one filemaker 11 database into Filemaker 12 and run into the following problem. The space in the value list was ignored in FileMaker 12 while they were valid in FileMaker 11. For example, a value list of "1. ", " 2 ", "3. " used to create the space after the number in FM11 but in FM 12, those spaces are not valid any more.


In order to reproduce the old layout alignment, I tried to modify the value list as "1", "", "", "2", "", "", etc, which will create the space in the layout but when I use find to search, the selected radio button was not shown as selected any more.


Here come my questions:

1. Why isnot the space in the valuelist valid any more in FM12? How to create same space between value list values in FM12?

2. Why does the second way to create space in value list mess up the layout even though the data were still the same as we can still find the records?


Thanks for your response and I really appreciate it!