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Self Join issue with Unstored Fields?

Question asked by kraftfm on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by kraftfm

Have read the discussion strings and tutorials on Self-Joins and can't find answer to my specific issue.


Project - Equivalent to a typical Invoicing solution. Have an invoice for a specific customer with a portal for invoice line items (4 tables, customers, invoices, invoice line items and products all with standard primary and foreign keys set up). Products include a name and a size/type..


User Request - When they key in a new invoice line item they want to see a field to tell them how many of that product + size/type combination have they ordered/bought (e.g. this would be different for each customer and each instance in the Invoice Line Item Table).


Following the Self Join threads I was able to set up the new relationship and although I followed Answer ID: 3071 in Filemaker Support, the Self Join and result doesn't seem to work. I believe because some of the data is "unstored", specifically the Product Name, may be the issue.


I apologize if this is simplistic. Just my first project with Filemaker Pro 12