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Question asked by mikesherman on Mar 8, 2013
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I have a small law office with three total employees. I’m looking for someone who has built a law office database and is willing to add some custom features to suit my practice. I have a criminal defense practice with a focus on DUI defense.


I’m looking for the typical things you would expect and I can provide a more detailed explanation but some of the features I would like to see are:


  1. Initial contact page where the person answering the phone can capture some basic information and I can fill in the rest when I pick up the call.
  2. A calendar feature where I can enter an event and associated events will appear as well. For example, when I enter “Trial” on April 1 then the due dates for motions, etc. will appear.
  3. The ability for the three of us to share calendars.
  4. The ability to scan and save documents to a particular client file.
  5. The ability to make checklists.
  6. I want to be able to record tasks and monitor whether or not those tasks have been completed.
  7. I want to be able to have some simple document assembly like Fax Cover sheets, letters, etc.
  8. The ability to get this information on our iPads.


I can provide more information. Please respond with the approximate cost for this project. I’m not holding you to it but I will not respond without an approximate project cost. That saves time for both of us. Also, please no phone calls. Let me know by e-mail how you can help and we’ll take it from there.


Thank you!


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