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Employee ID Numbers

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Mar 8, 2013
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Hey filemaker community.

I'm reaching out to you to ask what do you do to create employee IDs. Currently at my system of three schools we have little to no HR system. for all 100 employees they have file folders and emails and excel documents to track information about the people who work there. Pretty sad state, to say the least.

I'm working with the HR department (about half of 3 people doing that job) and putting it into the overall solution for the region that I have developed.

My question is on Employee IDs. Right now we really don't have employee ID numbers. The payroll person (half of one of the people doing HR) has some in her payroll system, but i think she doesn't do much with them. It seems to make sense to create new ones for everyone that will be permanent.

So questions:

1. What is your typical length?

2. Do you use employee info in the ID number (letters in name, birthdate, etc)?

3. Do you let filemaker assign them or does the HR person enter them?

4. Should ID numbers be dependent on the school that they are located? One school has a code of 426. Would it be wise to put that in the employee ID - like 426-4959?



I suppose I could just make up all the rules for the Employee ID numbers: Here are some rules I think about. Do you have any others to add?

1. An ID length of 4 digits, using only numbers. This gives me 9,999 possible numbers, well above the maximum of the number of employees our system could have.

2. Completely unique for a person.

3. Not dependent on the school (often teachers switch schools).

4. I'd like FM to generate them. Is that possible to create a 4-digit uniqe ID Number. I know the Get(UUID) function can do it but that ID number is too long for this instance.


.ANother question:

Would it make sense to have this ID number be the login account number for the FileMaker database? Right now people log in like this "jbrown". The log in script detects which school they belong to and assigns global variables based on that, I realize 'jbrown' is not a good login account ID at all, hence the reason for this post.


Thanks. I'd appreciate your help and opinion on this.