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    FMGO 12 Save As Dialog


      For those that are transferring their FM files from iPad to Mac via iTunes when you click the "Save As" button you get a dialog that is titled "Open". Also the confirm button is labelled "Open". I know that you are selecting a directory and one could argue that you are opening the directory but I rhink the majority of users would expect the labels to read "Save". To make matters worse when you click the "Add To" button the dialog title and the confirm button also read "Open". I have been caught out a couple of times where I thought I was saving a file to the Mac but in fact I was adding a file from the Mac and thus eraseing the original file on the iPad.


      The only place that I could find to submit this to FileMaker was as a feature request for FMGO iPad and FMGO iPhone but I think the issue is probably in iTunes. Perhaps FileMaker have no control of this but it is an issue none the less.



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          taylorsharpe wrote:


          The FileMaker feedback page is at:



          The first thing I did was go to this page but it is not setup to solicit feedback. It is titled as "Feature Request". Non the less, I did fill in the form and submit it but it's not really a feature request that FileMaker can provide. It has to do with the way iTunes is used to add or save iOS App files.


          I just wanted to make FMGo users aware of it, and FileMaker for that mater.


          The fact still stands that the "Add" and "Save to..." buttons are very close together. If you press "Save to..." when you meant to press "Add" you will not be alerted to this error by the title of the dialog box or the title of the confirmation button because they both say "Open". You will think you are adding a FileMaker file to your iOS device when in fact you will be doing the exact opposite. If the FileMaker file on your Mac is the most recent version of that file you will be DELETING IT!


          If anyone knows of a feedback/feature request page for Mac OS please let me know but I feel FileMaker would be the best Mac OS user to fill in that page.