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    Floating window's buttons don't stay active


      Once upon a time I had a floating palette of buttons for use with FileMaker; I made it with FaceSpan and AppleScripts. Long gone. But I thought I'd try creating a modern version within FMP using the "Floating Document" window type. The problem I'm having, though, is that though the window stays on top of everything, its buttons don't stay active. If I want to click a button in the floating window, I have to click twice--once to activate the window, and a second time to activate the button. If the clicks are within a second or two of each other, it beeps at me, though the button click works as expected after the beep.


      It just seems awfully inelegant: if I want to press a button, I have to double-click it and the thing beeps at me. Has anyone found a way to keep buttons on floating windows active, or at least to keep it from beeping when you double-click?

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          Hey!!! i find this not only very interesting but darn right intelligent!!

          that Filemaker should address this concerning appropriate use of floating palettes allowing the user to click only once!
          Very curious.. Did you ever get this resolved ??
          i see Filemaker 13 has popovers allowing buttons on them however i understand you cannot keep them open and floating.
          i am on Filemaker 12 advance.
          Like to hear from you!
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            If you want to keep the floating window active make it a modal window.  I think this option is available in both 12 and 13. I'm sure about 13 and fairly sure about 12,


            In earlier versions you could do this by using a script to open the window and then pausing the script.  As long as the script was paused,  the window stayed in front and active.  You can add buttons that run other scripts.  The window will stay active as long as the button/script is set so that the current script is paused. 


            Make sure it is visible before you do this.


            Add a button to Resume the script and have the script close the window after the pause statement.


            You can do the same thing with a Popover in 13.  Well sort of. Here is a link for a demo file on how to setup a modal popover.

            Modal Popover Demo