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Connecting to FMSA from website on different domain, questions regarding this

Question asked by jesperfj on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by jesperfj

I have a FMSA running at: (which is my own separate machine run by a hosting company)

I have a php-enabled website at (different host) and would like to interact with my server via this site.

According to my disscusion here

this should be possible.


The document "FileMaker® Server 12 Custom Web Publishing with PHP" says that requirements are:

"FileMaker API for PHP" installed on the webserver.

But since I want to connect from a different site, where should this be installed? On the server? or on and must this be a speciel FM-server (it's just a regular PHP-enabled website).


Also PHP must be enabled on the server. This is obviously enabled om my - is this enough or must it also be enabled on


I also need to include the "filemaker.php" file at the top of my php-files.

I assume I then need to have "filemaker.php" physically somewhere on ?


Shoud I grab this from its apparent location here (stated in the manual)?

/Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/


Manual says:

Unzip the file and copy the FileMaker.php file and the FileMaker folder to either of these


a) the web server root folder where your PHP scripts reside.

b) For IIS (Windows): <drive>:Inetpubwwwroot where <drive> is the drive on which

the Web Publishing Engine component of your FileMaker server deployment resides.

c) For Apache (Mac OS): /Library/WebServer/Documents


This sounds like it is entirely not possible to install install the PHP-API on a different domain (since presumable the Web Publishing Engine only resides om my FMSA:

and that the PHP-API must then be installed along with "filemaker.php" on ?


The manual also says:

"Specify the location of the FileMaker API for PHP in the include_path variable in php.ini."

but this requires access to php.ini.

I doubt I have this for my other but maybe for


Does any of this make sense? any comments are appreciated. Thanks.