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Good day,




Using Win Server 2008Rd

Hosting data using FM Server Advanced

Local iOS data using FM Go


Where a layout includes related data from the hosted file, where the connection on the iOS is lost, than reconnected (iOS driven) it is impossible to get data from the hosted file using the layout that includes the related hosted data.


In other words;


Hosting server have an open file, and a record with a switch '0'

iOS is required to access the hosted file and look for '0'


Script step on iOS -


Go to Layout (hosted file)

'Perform Find' on 'switch' = 0

Set Variable $data

Set 'switch' with '1'

Go to Layout (local FM Go File)

New Record

Set Field 'Data' with '$data'



If the connection was lost, it does not 'get data' like nothing happened (or no new files are required to be loaded)


Work around solution, the user 'quit' FM Go, and 're-login' to re-establish the communication, it works. (Yes, I tried to use the script step 're-login', does not work and does not re-establish the connection).


Let's now assume an ambulance using iOS to obtain a request to responds to an emergency call, and the new request fails to be captured on the iOS, the patient will not get assistance unless the ambulance 're-login', therefore the patient may not get is needed assistance.


Off course this is extreme, but my industry requries field agent to update their iOS with new records often over 100 times a day. They are travelling both in large center and remote area where 3G signals are sometime poor/interrupted.


Anyone knows how I can 'reconnect' automatically without re-login?


I am also aware of 5 method to sychronize data between iOS and Server. I chose the 'simpliest' and it works, but not accurate.


Also, in some cases, and not related to 'connection' issues, when sychronizing new data a blank record is created on the iOS and can't be deleted.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Tks Martin Bertrand