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How to get WebViewer to stop flashing?

Question asked by carlo.m on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by steve_ssh

Part of a solution I'm working on involves displaying active orders to a Kitchen. Because orders vary in length, I opted to display them to kitchen staff via a webviewer that basically takes up the whole layout. With the Webviewer, I can have 5 orders in one column, or 3, or 1...


A script loops through the open orders and creates the HTML code needed to properly display them. The final step of the process is setting the global variable with the webviewer content and then setting the webviewer to that variable.


When the Layout is entered a script trigger sets an ontimer script that runs the "update" script every 1 second. That way the kitchen view is "live" and the running timer for the orders can properly display the time since the customer ordered.


On some computers, the layout flashes every some seconds... Its not a constant, sometimes every second, sometimes every 3, sometimes after 5 then 3 then 6 then 1... On other computers, it doesn't flash... I don't think it is performance related. I've run the update script on a timer to see how long it is taking, and it can take less then 200 miliseconds or 600 miliseconds with many orders and still flash.


I've tried to use java script, setting the content of the webpage to "display:none;" and then running a script at the end of the page to set that element to "display:block;" and it didn't work, I still get the exact same unrpredictable flashing. I also tried setting an "onload" trigger for the body that changed the element from "display:none;" to "display:block;" and that did not work either.



Any ideas?