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How can you watch an iOS Solution Webinar on an iOS device?

Question asked by gkamp on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2013 by gkamp

I received a notice that a webinar on "The FileMaker iOS Demo Solutions" was now available via a link in the email along with other links to obtain FMGo12 for free (yea!) and to download the demo solutions. I decided that I wanted to try to watch the demo on my iPad, and I successfully signed in, but nothing was there--I had to assume that this was an incompatibility (Flash?) so I went to look for Citrix's Go To Meeting for the iPad, downloaded it, but it wants a meeting ID (note that PC users were advised that they might need to download this software to run the video). But there is no indication of what meeting ID should be entered or how we can view this, and presumably other FileMaker webinars on mobile devices. What am I missing? Seems logical particularly for iOS-related software solutions that one might want to use an iOS device to view information...?


Thanks for any help!