Disappearing data FM 12

Discussion created by ChrisG on Mar 12, 2013
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Dear FMP gurus


I have recently converted a solution from FM 9 to FM 12. The FM 9 solution was previously in a server crash. After conversion to FM 12 there was wierd behaviour, I then took a clean copy of the solution from before the crash and cloned it. It now had no data in it. I converted it to FM 12. I then imported the data from the misbehaving FM 12 version into my newly minted version.

I am experiencing lost records and strange behaviour with line items where the total value would change. One of the other strange issues is that a person would be working on a record and then suddenly find themselves on the first record. In other words, I am working on record 50 and suddenly I am looking at record 1.


Does anyone have any pointers as to how I can solve these issues?


Thank you


Chris G