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    Advice on Cross-Platform Software installation programs


      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to find a stable, affordable, cross-platform software installation program where the same data file can be used for all platforms and perhaps the installer be generated for all platforms from one computer.


      BitRock InstallBuilder 8 seems to fill the bill. Is anyone using this installer software? if so, what can you tell me about your experience with it.


      I would also like to hear what other are using that meets or comes close to the above described functionality, if not using BitRock InstallBuilder 8.


      Thank you for your time,


      Robert Bloomfield

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          We did a survey of the various installer programs and decided to use FileMaker runtimes the files to be installed stored in containers within the runtime itself and script driven.

          With Troi File (or other similar plugins), we are able to do our installs of FileMaker clients/updates/plugins and launch updates to our own environment.

          And, it was cheap (as in, free) and we didn't have to learn another specific environment.

          Just a thought.


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            Hi Eric,


            Thank you for the reply/idea!




            I have seen this done in the past but quite frankly had forgotten about it. Do you have a such a file that you would mind sharing?




            I have Troi File




            I would gladly pay for the knowledge that you have gleaned from your experience as I have learned thru the years that re-inventing the wheel for the purpose of testing a possible solution to a problem is often NOT the best business approach!




            If you want to take this off line, contact me at: thebridge@abridgesolution.com




            Thank you,




            Robert Bloomfield