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Go to Related Record

Question asked by MarkNZ on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by MarkNZ

Hi all,

Im a bit stumped... I am using a script to "Go to related Record" from the Estimate module back to the "Contacts Module Record" however it always takes me back to the first created record..none related for some reason.

I can create a related record scrpted from the "Contacts Module" into the Estimates Module all ok...even my portals on the Contact layout all show the newly created record in Estimates for that contact. Ive gone over and over the script in the Estimates Module ..looks all ok. Ive back tracked, eliminated various things i did prior..but still no luck?

Any suggestions appreciated..


PS: Since putting this question up I just discovered the fix ( I had a trigger on the Contacts Formview on Layout enter to omit a certain category of reccords) Can someone please tell me why this effected it even when the omitted records were not related?


Regards Mark