Auto-Complete Indexing Question

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We have a db with 150K records in it. These are people who take a specific training course and are usually associated with a Company. We have "auto-complete" set on the company field. The first attempt at entry into this field can take a while. We are wondering if we can speed it up by cleaning the existing data.


Pretty safe bet that:


Alliance Refactory
Alliance Refortorties
Alliance Refractories
Alliance Refractories
Alliance Refractories ltd


are the same company. The exported sorted list reveals 7K names, a cursory examination suggests that this might be whittled down to 2K with modest cleanup.


So the question is whether it is the number of records (150K) or the number of unique values (2K to 7K) that has the greatest impact on building of the Auto-Complete list. We are trying top avoid having a user managed list.




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