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Sum of main category and sum of secondary category. How to do it??

Question asked by luisrosario on Mar 12, 2013
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I'm trying to make a report where sort by city, and in every city I have clients, and each client has one or more machines.
For each city have a value for the trip (eg "x").
For each machine a value "y".
Want the sub-total sum of "x", the sum of "y" and the sum total of "x" + "y".
It is possible to do this in a single report?




London 1500.00
- Customer A - Machine 1: 100.00
- Customer A - Machine 2: 150.00
- Customer B - Machine 1: 100.00
Paris 2500.00
- Customer C - Machine 1: 200.00
- Customer D - Machine 1: 150.00


Sub Total Machines: 700,00 / Travel Sub-total: 4000.00

Total: 4700.00


I´m using FileMaker Pro 11 Adv.