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Moving FileMaker solutions around - test and production environments.

Question asked by rbmn67 on Mar 13, 2013
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Dear forum members,


New to FM development, I have searched for a kind of "Best Practice" guideline on solution delivery.

I am used to OTAP environments (T-Map, for more info search "Tmap" and "Sogeti"), where we develop (O - environment), Test (T), perform senior user and end user acceptance (A), and finally, implement the modified solution in a production environment (P).


In my case the development (O) is local FM Pro Advanced, the test and accaptence (T&A) is local FM Server, and the Production is at the customer's site (FM Server), all v. 12.


Exporting existing data, uploading the new FM file and importing exisiting data seems the only way, but feels a bit awkward, several other development platforms offer tooling for solution exchange between environments.


Does any one have experiences with simular FM development environments and copying / moving / updating FM versions between environments (including production data updates)?


many thanks in advance,

with kind regards,