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    Grabbing hidden buttons in FMA 12


      I'm working on a database converted from FM 11. There are a large number of buttons that are clear/empty text boxes with a graphic over them. Click on the graphic and the button executes. The problem is that I can't right click on the button to see or change the definition. I can see where the button is by turning on view buttons and highlight it by holding down the option key and mouse over the area. But even with the button showing a right click just brings up the base layout menu. (Paste, Change Theme, Layout setup, Part Setup).


      So at this point, my options are to run the debugger to see what script is being called and deleting the button and re-create it as a standard button.


      Is there a way of actually opening the button definition and modifying it? In 11 I could access them easily.




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          I'm not sure why you would be unable to open the button definition by right clicking. I do this all the time in FM12. Could it be that the underlying field and the graphic are grouped?

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            No, I don't think you do it all the time. If the object is a transparent graphic object (as described by Bruce H) then you cannot click it.


            You can start a click elsewhere, and drag across it to select it.

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              I thought v3 fixed this problem but it may not have. My solutions have the same problem which is one of the reasons I haven't moved to 12 yet. 11 handles transparencies just fine 12 does not and my clients aren't going to pay me to redesign all their buttons nor do I really want to anyway. Also applying any theme makes them visable which of course I don't want so at this point I am just hoping the next release has some new tools to deal with this issue.

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                Interesting test Bruce R. Once the transparent object is selected by lassooing I can then right click to bring up the floating dialog only if I click the very edge of the selection, but if I click anywhere else I lose the selection and get the background dialog as described by Bruce H. I can also open the button definition using the Format menu.


                Always learning!

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                  Turns out that if you start with a FileMaker button object, but turn it transparent, you CAN click on it.


                  In the revised attachment, the circular objects are graphic object circle shapes and the square objects started as native FileMaker buttons but were modified to be transparent.

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                    Bruce R.,  Keywords,


                    Thanks very much.  This is very helpful.



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                      You said the objects are "clear/empty text boxes," but I'm not sure that's possible, since empty text boxes disappear automatically in FM, and you'd be able to view their outlines with the "Show" options. If they were text (perhaps with just spaces?), you could give them a solid fill and then set them to be conditionally (1/always) transparent. Unfortunately, that won't work on graphic objects, and I fear that's what you're dealing with. I think you may be stuck with marquee-selecting and pull-down menus. Because selecting specific items underneath other objects and on busy layouts can be difficult enough, I'd be tempted to copy parameters whenever I'm checking a script, group each transparent item with its graphic, then reset the script and parameters to the group, especially if I knew I'd be living with the file longterm.


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                        Hi Debi,


                        The file I am working on started as a commercial template developed in an earlier version of FileMaker. Most of the buttons are multi part setups,  clear button with script attached,  graphic and actual text.  As I update these or work on them I am

                        simplfying/ reducing the number of objects on the layout.  It was easy to lasso the buttons and delete them.  I wanted to see the button setup but couldn't right click on it to open them.   In FM 11 if I put the mouse on the point where a line should be,  I can right click on it and get the button setup.  In 12 I wasn't able to do this.  So the Format menu works for this.


                        The button may have been a box object with lines set to 0 pt and fill set to clear.   I can make these in FM 11 and they stay.  Just hard to see,  so you have to lasso them.