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    Complex Print management solution need


      Client has multiple documents with many different print properties (landscape/portrait/page sizes) going to multiple printers (lasers, heat sensistive label printers etc). When the "job" gets printed the script now runs around and collects all the data across all the layouts and spools the jobs to the various printers. In the past we would be thinking about using the changeprinter plugin to print everything dynamically, but that does not seem very efficient (it can be hundreds of pages) and we additionally would like to store copies of the docs at the same time.


      I am envisioning a more optimized solution whereby the "print" job is saved off to pdfs in a folder dedicated to that job (easy) and then a 3rd party solution deals with the printing/re-printing. Print properties could be determined by the 3rd party software based on file name (?) or maybe a seperate config file stored in the same folder (?)


      Anyone ever run across a similar solution?

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          You could just have FM send the print jobs to a folder or different folders and have a script that goes and prints what is in there.  You could use a VB script like:


          set shApp = createobject("shell.application")

          set shFolder = shApp.namespace("C:\TEST")

          set vItems = shFolder.Items()

          for each vItem in vItems

            vItem.invokeverb "&Print"



          You could have different folders for different printers or print setups and alter the script accrordlingly. 


          You could even use the Admin console to schedule the script to run every 5 minutes or whatever you wanted.  That script could also copy the file to a Documents container field and then erase the document after printing and storing. 


          I'm sure this can be done in AppleScript too. 

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            Yes, we had been paying around with the vb a bit and had it roughed in, but wasn't sure if someone had a "packaged" version of the same thing so IT could manage the process through a UI rather thanhaving to dip into the vb for any future changes.


            I like your idea of different folders to designate the different print setups and also the server side schedule.



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              Thanks Taylor - that is a great suggestion.


              I think later today I will download the "Hands-Free Printer" plug-in.

              It's an expanded printer dialog box that lets you choose the printer, printer-tray, orientation, paper size, source and number of copies.

              I'm intriqued that Printer names can be set in a global variables. 

              It would be great if we could build a table that held the printer destination information and then could feed it too the plug-in.


              Also it looks like the Dialog box can be suppressed.

              Other solutions seem to change the system's default printer but with this program the defaults are never changed.





              Here's some links:






              "About Hands-Free Printer:
              Hands-Free Printer is the world's only FileMaker printer plug-in that can individually control every printer setting in the Windows Print and Print Setup dialogs ."


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