Complex Print management solution need

Discussion created by appdev on Mar 12, 2013
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Client has multiple documents with many different print properties (landscape/portrait/page sizes) going to multiple printers (lasers, heat sensistive label printers etc). When the "job" gets printed the script now runs around and collects all the data across all the layouts and spools the jobs to the various printers. In the past we would be thinking about using the changeprinter plugin to print everything dynamically, but that does not seem very efficient (it can be hundreds of pages) and we additionally would like to store copies of the docs at the same time.


I am envisioning a more optimized solution whereby the "print" job is saved off to pdfs in a folder dedicated to that job (easy) and then a 3rd party solution deals with the printing/re-printing. Print properties could be determined by the 3rd party software based on file name (?) or maybe a seperate config file stored in the same folder (?)


Anyone ever run across a similar solution?