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    Web-Viewer auto location


      Quick question.


      Is it possible to auto place the web viewer to a specific location on a web page?


      A client would like to see the stock price of CAT on yahoo.finance.com and set up a dashboard where the web viewer shows just the info that is needed without having to scroll. The "area" is scrolled down about 10% from the top and 5% from the left (pic below).Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 11.06.03 AM.png


      Is that something that can be done in the web viewer?



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          You can do this by using a calculated text url and  wrapping a link to url in an html iframe, and then messing with the iframe margins.


          It's bit tricky and will stop working if the design of the web page changes.


          Another approach is to parse the html returned using  Insert from Url()    and strip it down (using various text functions) to just the part you need, and then use that in calculated text url web viewer. You could run a triggered script to do this on loading the  record