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    Re entering FMP world


      Years ago I got a lot of help from Blue World. (I think that was the name.) It was an online discussion group for FMP. I have not used my database for anything more strenous than keeping my businss records. Now a friend has asked me to help her with her FMP database (I sold her on the software) and I am researching where I can find archives to look up things such as importing contacts and their billing info from Word and from Excel. This is not what I do professionally. I am an artist. But I enjoy using FMP and learning more about it. Any direction to where to find good tutorials; or which forum to post to if I run into issues would be appreciated. I've searched Lynda.com, but cannot find anything using the term "import". Is there another term that means to bring in records from another format? TIA


      KaCe, long time FMP user... but not a power user nor a very current user

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          Hi KaCe,


          I'm surprised that your searches for "importing" have not produced results as it is a core feature of many FM operations, due to the variety of data formats that FM can access.


          I suspect, however, that you may find that there's insufficient structure to the data in a Word document for it to be imported in a meaningful way. Excel files should be somewhat easiier in that respect but that can also depend upon how rigorously the Excel spreadsheet was organised when set up.


          Keep searching!! And ask for additional help when you've got more specific issues.



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            Welcome to TechNet!


            If I'm remembering correctly, the old BlueWorld list is what morphed into the current "lasso" list. You can go to lassosoft.com, set up an account, and manage a subscription to the FileMaker list there. I'm not so active there these days, but I still refer to that forum as "FileMaker University." I think there may be archives available, too.


            For TechNet, there are over a dozen different forum topics, just post to the one you think is most pertinent, realizing that there is frequently some cross-over and grey areas for discussion. You'll probably recognize some of the names; as far as I'm concerned, the FileMaker community is the BEST at being helpful.


            Debi Rubel

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