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Formatting issues when copying text from a FileMaker generated PDF

Question asked by jaylkjr on Mar 13, 2013
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I have created a nice system for someone in the real estate business. The final product that is sent over to their customers is a standard PDF generated from FileMaker. Their customer then copy and paste from this PDF into their software. The catch is that when you copy from a FileMaker PDF, each line ends with a Hard Return. Thus when pasted, the text is all chopped up and the user must go through and remove these returns in each clause. Since the PDF is generated from text without hard returns, I feel that my ability to control the result is limited. I have even tried using the Adobe PDF printing engine, and the same result.


Anyone have experiance with this? Is there a simple option before I totally change the process? I figure I could switch to something driven by 360 Works "Scribe" plug-in, perhaps even creating a Word document, but would rather skip the trouble.