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    Merge two FileMaker Go databases


      My last FileMaker Pro development experience was in the 1990s, so I'm a little rusty, and need some advice regarding a job I've been asked to do for a not-for-profit organisation (Melbourne Australia head office) that sends volunteer plastic surgeons to third world countries for short term projects.


      The database required is a fairly simple surgery audit: patient details, diagnosis and procedures performed etc, with ability to store a photo or two per patient.

      However the work flow situation is a bit tricky. Let's say that the project is at a small hospital in Laos for example. The volunteer medical staff will be staying at a hotel with decent (I hope) internet access, but this is not available at the hospital. There will sometimes be a need for two nurses in separate rooms with iPads, each with a long line of patients, taking down their details etc. Then at the end of this initial consultation day, we want the patient records from both iPads to be combined into one database to enable prioritising of operations for the following day.


      Now, initially I was hoping to avoid complex syncronisation scripts for this project, as I thought there would only be one iPad in use per project, and the data could be simply imported into the head office master database at the end of the project. However, now that we have the scenario of two iPads, and the need to merge the data during the project, it looks like we will need the following (feedback on this please):

      1. FileMaker Server at head office

      2. A system (scripts on the FileMaker Go databases and perhaps on the master database too) to enable export of data from the iPads to a staging database on the server in Melbourne, then import of that combined data back into the iPads in Laos

      3. at the end of the project a script to import FileMaker Go data into the master database.


      That's my idea for a solution at present. Is there any simpler way of merging two FileMaker Go databases without the use of FileMaker Server and the internet?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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          Does the database need to be accessible outside of the 2 iPads? You might

          be better served to have a local machine and sync to that over a local

          network. You still need to get over the sync hurdle but that might remove

          an issue of a wonky Internet.


          The local machine could run fmpa and you could import both iPads into that

          database and the export them back out as you described.




          Pete Minich



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            The introduction of UUIDs in v12 may make your job easier. Use them instead of sequential serial numbers and you should not have to worry about a conflict when doing your imports from the iPads to the main database.



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              Hi Pete

              Yes that could be a good solution, but we probably want to be independent of the local hospital IT network, as the volunteer staff may only be working from there for a week or so.



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                You could set up an ad hoc wireless network with a Mac mini or laptop as

                the "base station". I like the mini in the server config for something like

                this. It has the built in second drive that you can set up as a backup.


                -- iPad

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                  I don't see why you need a network at all. You can move the two files onto a laptop using a USB cable, open them up using FMP or FMPA. You don't even need a third file, just import one into the other.