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    Missing Web (PHP) Interface


      Filemaker had a great little program, (Site Assistant), that I used for Custom PHP Web Publishing. With my upgrade to version 12, that program no longer works.

      Does anyone know of an alternative?

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          The only other game in town is FMWebSchool's  FMStudio Pro.   They did a minor update to get it to work FileMaker 12 but the Site Wizard doesn't quite work as well as it should.  However, if you build each view (Edit, Browse, New) manually you will probably have a better experience. I use it a fair amount for projects including complicated ones that need AJAX capabilities. 




          Javier Vilallobos

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            Thank you for the quick response. I purchased FMStudio Pro and Dreamweaver to bridge the gap, however the learning curve is straight up.  I don't have the time nor the patience. I quess it's time to outsource.



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              Hi Steve,


              I forgot to mention something we learned at DevCon 2012 which might help you.  If you start your database in FileMaker 11 and FileMaker Server 11 and use the PHP Site Assistant

              when you convert the database to 12, the Site Assistant PHP Code will work if you replace the FileMaker API files (  filemaker.php and the folder) with the ones that come with FileMaker Server 12.

              Before you say that will never fly, think about the fact that most of the time when you are pulling data from a Database it's usually one or two tables.  You can easily copy the fields to a FileMaker 11

              database and build the site using the PHP assistant before you convert to FileMaker 12.


              On a Mac, you would find the FileMaker API in:    Macintosh HD>Library>FileMaker Server>Web Publishing.   My experience is that the website will work when being served by a Windows FileMaker Server

              12 but for some reason my sites don't seem to work with a Macintosh FileMaker Server 12 but I have to be honest I have not tried to debug the problem since I rarely used the PHP assistant.

              But there you have it, another possible route for you.  If you need a little help with a PHP project, I am happy to help.  Just email me at javier@jvillalobos.com



              Javier Villalobos

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