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Remote access fails on only 1 computer

Question asked by Simplidata on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by BruceHerbach

We recently upgraded to FileMaker 12 and have a single user that can't connect to the database. All our users work remotely and the database is hosted by, a filemaker hosting company.

We converted the file to v12 and moved it to a FM12 server at triple8. All but one of our users can access the database.


This user had no problems under version 11. To accomplish the update to v12, we upgraded their computer to OSX 10.6.8 (required for FM12) with all relevant software updates and then uninstalled FM11 and installed FM Pro 12.


When we attempt to connect to triple8, we cannot see the hosted file. We've checked out all the usual reasons for this problem. FileMaker is correctly installed in the Applications folder and we are able to connect to other databases at other locations - we just can't reach the file at triple8. Their tech support doesn't seem able to help. They asked us to reinstall the software and reboot and they asked us to ping their server (we could).


We've reinstalled FileMaker but it didn't make any difference. We've also verified that the Mac Firewall is off, network setup is OK and that their router is not blocking any ports. We've reapplied the combo OSX 10.6.8 update. All references to logins for FileMaker or triple8 have been removed from the keychain and we've tried deleting the FM preferences...


We can't think of anything else to do and we can't understand how a software upgrade (to 10.6.8) could cause this problem.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.