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PDF creation/email the problem?

Question asked by vickyn on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by vickyn

I just read Fabio's posting and the responses and think my problem may be similar (if not actually the same). I have users creating a PDF in FileMaker Go and then emailing it. The script being used just goes to the appropriate layout and then calls the print process. I'm running the latest FileMaker Go app on an iPad II to test and document, and am planning to deploy on iPad Minis out in the field.


It seems as though when I've been in the system for a few hours and then try to do this PDF process, it puts FileMaker into some kind of hanging suspension. (I was documenting the whole process today and was in and out of FileMaker Go for hours, and everything was fine til I created the PDF.)


I get a blank blue screen, with the FileMaker logo, and that's it. The only way I can get out of it is to kill the application, and reload it from the App store. Creating the PDF and trying to save it to the device can cause it, as can creating a PDF and trying to email (similar to Fabio's situation, I think).


If it is true that there is some kind of memory issue, and closing out of the app when done (which is what the field people who will be using this system should be doing) solves the problem because the app itself isn't in memory for a long time, then that's an ok workaround. I guess. I can document that they should close the database when not using it.


Is there some kind of process for reporting issues like this to FileMaker? PDF printing is pretty ubiquitious these days, especially when you're trying to go paperless.