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    FMP12 & Revit 2013 ODBC error:  no cursor?


      I am trying to get Revit 2013 to export file information, via ODBC, to a FileMaker DB. When I run the export, I get this error:



      No cursor open for statement (3066)



      Anyone have further ideas about that one? (See attached screenshot.)




      Windows 7 (64-bit)

      FileMaker Pro 12.03

      FileMaker ODBC drivers, 64-bit

      DB File has an account with ODBC enabled

      DB File has ODBC sharing turned ON

      User DSN created using 64-bit ODBC Manager

      Revit 2013 (64-bit)


      Both Revit and FMP are running on the same machine (Windows 7)


      I have run 'Test' from the ODBC Manager and it reports Success.