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Strange Portal Behavior

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Mar 15, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by LaRetta

I am having a strange issue relating to the use of portals that I have not had in the past and wanted to get some feedback.


I have a table that is being fill via a script I go out grab information based on buttons, the issue that I am having is for some reason the first new record that is created via this script does not show up in the portal. I can click the same button again and it will create another record and show up in the portal as it should. I can go in and look at both records compare them and the information is identical with the exception of the record ID being one more than the last. I can click the the button again a third time and it will again show up in the portal. One more quick mention it will create a blank row on the portal, with none of the data showing, it is like a ghost record.


I pause go back create a new master record and start the process over and the first time I click the button it will does as above again.


Have I gone nuts? Is this a bug within Filemaker 13? Or is there some simple stupid step that I am over looking?


Jason Farnsworth

Midland, TX