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How do I show text fields in sub-summary. No calculations.

Question asked by mochad on Mar 16, 2013
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Client has FileMaker 11 and will not upgrade at this time. My goal is to create one printable page that contains a list of club officers in the body and shared business information below. All of this needs to be editable text fields, so I cannot use a header for the business info that can only be changed in the layout. The simplified result looks something like this.


(Body) Found set of records containing "Active" in "MemStatus" field and "*" in "BoardPosition" field, in a table named "Members".

President Alice Jones (000) 000-0000

Vice Pres John Marks (000) 000-0000

Tresurer Sue Smith (000) 000-0000


(Sub summary) Sorted by "Active" in "Members" table.

Fields below are in a related table named "Businesses", containing one record. All of these text fields are displayed on the same record. There are only a few businesses, so there is no need for multiple records. Again, the fields below must be editable text fields.

Business One (000) 000-0000

Business Two (000) 000-0000

Business Three (000) 000-0000


So far, the page displays the Body of officers correctly, followed by the Sub summary showing the word "Active", which I'll hide later, and the text labels from the Businesses table. However, all the business fields are blank. Please don't suggest I locate the business fields in the Members table. I tried that and the record was deleted within a few months. Unless there is a way to lock a record from being deleted, which I doubt, then on some layout, someone's going to find it useless and delete it. Removing Browse from certain fields has nothing to do with the solution either. This project is a lot larger than the example, with hundreds of fields in many tables. The business information text was entered into fields on a seperate layout for the Business table. How do I bring up the Sub summary Business table text in the above Members table layout?