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    FMP12: Win7, WebViewer & Screen Flashing: Fixed Yet?


      In the Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why? topic from Sept 26, 2012, it was learned from everyone's much appreciated input, that FMP has had challenges with screen flashing/flickering when using the WebViewer functionality in Layouts when running FMP11 on WinXP or Win7; as I was doing by using Logicurio's Navigation Framework Demo (http://logicurio.com/downloads.php) for the Layout menu bars.


      Each time the WebViewer menu was removed and replaced with "fixed, hard-coded menu button/icon objects," the screen flashing would not occur.


      So, upon receiving the Special 50% Off Retail Price Promo Email the other day for the FMP12 Upgrade, I was wondering if any one who contributed to the Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why? topic (and others) might know for certain if this WebViewer screen flashing "bug" issue truly has been resolved in FMP12 or if it still occurs but with less frequency?


      Thanks so very much as any/all comments would be appreciated.


      Bill, hoping the "bug" is resolved...


      PS: Sidebar Upgrade Question: If my FMP database only will be used as a single standalone application that will not be deployed on the internet, iPhone, iPad, etc. (IOW, no mobile functionality is required), will upgrading to FMP12 from FMP11 truly provide any new useful functionality that FMP11 does not already provide?

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          Hey Bill,

          Sorry no one has replied back.  I must have missed your post.


          For starters, no the Web Viewer flashing is no different in FM12.  With that said, I wasn't expecting it to.  The Web Viewer needs to redraw every time the layout changes.  So I don't see any way you can really stop the little flash that happens, if you are using a navigation framework from the Web Viewer.  For example, throw a web viewer on a layout that maps your address.  Let the map load, switch to another layout, switch back.  You will see the Web Viewer reload the web page.  The same thing happens to the navigation framework.


          But I can't say my actual browser ( which is the same thing as the Web Viewer ) behaves any different.  Every time I switch to a new page, even the navigation bars have to reload.  The primary difference, is you can go to another window or tab and back without triggering a refresh of the Web Viewer.


          The only thing I can think of to reduce that flash, is to remove all color and gradients from the navigation framework.  A white background wouldn't show the flash as much, and the text would render at about the same time as the rest of the layout.



          Sidebar Question: To strictly answer the question, I don't believe in most cases upgrading to 12 would give you any benefits...assuming it is a single-user, local deployment.  And you wouldn't really be doing any redesign to the file ( ie. a straight conversion to FMP12 ).  However, you can streamline a lot of things using ExecuteSQL.  But again, many of the benefits of 12 are behind the scenes. And may not be immediately felt by the average user...assuming you didn't do some some work that utilizes new/upgraded features in 12.


          Long term, I recommend going with 12. It gets you a jump on the direction FM is going, and makes the learning curve for future version even that much easier.

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            Hey Joshua,


            No problem and thanks for the reply, which validates my current thinking on buying the upgrade as was detailed in my PM.


            Bummer on the WebViewer screen flashing "bug," which we discussed in Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why?, yet I appreciate your explanation on why it happens. Guess that's a Windows dependent "thing," huh? Therefore, I'll keep using the "fixed, hard-coded menu button/icon objects" construct along with other similar ideas I've seen in some of the demo apps.


            So for now, I'm gonna stick with v11, complete my CRM/ERP project in the months ahead and keep an open mind to upgrading in the future, which will be driven by the Project Scope and User Needs.

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              Bill Harper said, "Guess that's a Windows dependent "thing," huh? "


              I missed your post as well, Bill, my apology ... until i saw Josh' response but then he covered it really well.  I haven't used web viewer in 12 yet ( sorry to hear it is still jumpy ) but in all other respects the flashing has DISAPPEARED for me ( XP-tested only but windows 7 reports similar ) so you can know you have good things to look forward to. 


              12 is incredible particularly if a file is started fresh.  Speed ... beauty ... 12 has it all.  It is not perfect yet but ExecuteSQL() is my new play thing and disappearing icons, buttons which don't blacken when clicked, ability to remove Windows widgets, modal windows ... well, many good things and did I mention ExecuteSQL?  LOL.

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                Mike Duncan

                The web viewer is contextually "attached" to the record you are viewing, not neccessarily the layout, so with each record you browse to, the web viewer will redraw for that record. That being said, there are some tricks to getting the web viewer to redraw depending on layout changes such as resizing a window. In my navigation framework, I am expoiting that to keep the html redrawn to center in a layout, for example.


                I have also seen this used to "watch" a layout, trigger calculations and plugins, etc.


                The baggage that it carries is the dependencies on the bundled web browsers (IE on windows and webkit). IE may flash a little bit, and also may make a little click sound when it redraws. It's not really noticable at all in webkit based browsers, but you don't have the option to specify what the web viewer uses. If you're on windows, you are stuck with the IE engine.


                The web viewer is a pandoras box (both good and maybe not) of potential. The benefits still outweigh the negatives, in my opinion. Thanks for pointing out our demos, we use the web viewer in most all of them to highlight what can be done with it.

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                  Thanks for the input Mike.  It would be nice if FileMaker can find a way to allow us to choose the default browser engine it uses.  Also, a way to cache the contents of the Web Viewer, until we need it redrawn would be a very useful feature.

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                    I would also, to have another tool in the toolbelt, recommend looking at Daniel Wood's blog. Great developer with some great tips.  A couple of his blog posts talk specifically about creating a navigation system.  The web viewer navigation framework works very well, and I don't want it to sound like I am dismmissing it's usefulness.  Because I'm not.  It's a clever imlementation and does work well.  I am of the opinion, if you can multiple tools that do the same thing, you will always have the right tool for the job.



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                      LaRetta, Joshua and Mike...


                      Thanks for your additional comments on this flashing issue, some of which confirms my decision last night to stay with v11 but not with the blinders on.


                      Joshua and LaRetta, your input on all of the v12 benefits in speed, screen layouts, other tools, etc. are noted where now there are these posts to refer back to when ready to explore these features upon upgrading in the future.


                      I also appreciate your comments on the Menu tools, Mike and Joshua. I really like the functional concept of Navigation Framework "add-in," which started all this discussion last Sept, yet the screen flashing is a bit of a hassle to deal with. But, currently, it's my first choice and will continue to monitor it's operation in hopes that Mike might come up with a slick work-around for Windows XP & 7 as FMP continues to roll out its Upgrades.


                      In the meantime, I'm gonna check out Daniel Wood's blog to see if there might be any other tips and tools that could help with my project. Thanks for the redirect, Joshua.


                      Again, all of your input truly is appreciated! Have a great weekend.