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FMP12: Win7, WebViewer & Screen Flashing: Fixed Yet?

Question asked by Bill_Harper on Mar 17, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by Bill_Harper

In the Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why? topic from Sept 26, 2012, it was learned from everyone's much appreciated input, that FMP has had challenges with screen flashing/flickering when using the WebViewer functionality in Layouts when running FMP11 on WinXP or Win7; as I was doing by using Logicurio's Navigation Framework Demo ( for the Layout menu bars.


Each time the WebViewer menu was removed and replaced with "fixed, hard-coded menu button/icon objects," the screen flashing would not occur.


So, upon receiving the Special 50% Off Retail Price Promo Email the other day for the FMP12 Upgrade, I was wondering if any one who contributed to the Screen Flashes In Large Text Field: Why? topic (and others) might know for certain if this WebViewer screen flashing "bug" issue truly has been resolved in FMP12 or if it still occurs but with less frequency?


Thanks so very much as any/all comments would be appreciated.


Bill, hoping the "bug" is resolved...


PS: Sidebar Upgrade Question: If my FMP database only will be used as a single standalone application that will not be deployed on the internet, iPhone, iPad, etc. (IOW, no mobile functionality is required), will upgrading to FMP12 from FMP11 truly provide any new useful functionality that FMP11 does not already provide?