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    IWP stops CWP in FMSA 12


      I have following problem.


      Running FileMaker Server 12 Advanced.


      Enabled IWP and XML


      When IWP has an active client showing in the Admin Console, Custom Web Publishing via XML stops working.


      As soon I disconnect the IWP client, CWP (XML) is working again.


      Then, when I log in via IWP, the IWP homepage message is: "Database not available".


      Logging out the CWP user, IWP comes back.


      Looks like IWP and CWP cannot run at same time?



      Anybody able to help?




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          I found this and need to contact FileMsker support:



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          Re: IWP / CWP Conflict FMSA 12

          Under normal circumstances Webko would be correct. However, we have found that some people have recieved an incorrect license key for FMS12A which allows either CWP or IWP, but not both. We already have a fix for this that will be included in an upcoming vrev. In the meantime, anyone whose FMS12A installation is exhibiting this behavior should contact FileMaker Customer Support and request an updated license key that will resolve this issue. As far as we have been able to determine, this problem does not occur with the FMS12A development license keys that were distributed toFileMaker Developer Subscribers.


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