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      I have seen differences is data contained in 2 TO's that have the same Table as their base.


      Example = Ellis Training is displayed in one TO and Ellis Training Office is displayed in the other TO.


      How can i amend the base Table so that it updates itself when changes are made in a TO without having to type in all the data amendments





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          If the table occurances are based on the same table, they are looking at the same data.


          If you are seeing differences in data on layouts based on different TOs, i would double check the layouts to make sure they are both looking at the same field and are both large enough to display all the data.

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            Any chance that someone edited a record locally and had not committed changes? I have seen this happen a few times. Both TO's eveuantally show the same data once the commit has occured and the layout has been refreshed.


            If this is the case, you might consider programatically committing data with a script trigger. You can also set a timer to refresh the interface on intervals if it is really important to keep the data refreshed. Keep in mind that there are performance implications to either of these steps.



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              that can happen - that you look at the same committed record but not getting the update even using the same TO in a different window - try to refresh & flush (on both locations / TO-contexts) and most likely you will get the same info. in worst cases you might need to revisit the record to show consistent content. in fm go it can be worse and you might need to reopen the file if the data is displayed in a chart which refuses to update.

              good luck!

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                Is the data from the two table occurrences viewed inside a portal?  If this is the case, unstored calculation fields may display differently depending on the layout table name (i.e. the table occurrences may have a different reference point for displaying data in some calculation fields).  Just thought I'd mention this in case its relevant to your situation. 

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                  Thanks for all the helpful replies.


                  As is the way of the world sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. Where I thought the information was coming from the same table it was infact coming from 2 different tables with the similar data.


                  So the information was being entered twice whilst appearing to come from one table only.