Support issues for in-house developer

Discussion created by Gingernut on Mar 18, 2013
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I work for an office equipment company and have written the system that all our Franchises use to run the business from Purchase Orders , service call logging to invoicing and stock control.


I was talking to one of the users of the system over the weekend and she expressed concern that all the offices are using my system and I am the only person who supports it.


On reflection I can see this could be an issue and I am re-writing it in Filemaker 12 (has evolved since Filemaker 7 and is a mish mash at the moment)


I am trying to put a lot more information in the scripts and make things a lot easier to follow but wonder how other companies resolve these concerns.


I know any other developer could eventually unravel my solution but was also wondering how other small companies manage with only one developer.


Would be interested in people's thoughts on the best way forward although to be fair the system has been in use for many years and I do take holidays with no issues arising.