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Print one long report from multiple tables

Question asked by Sukisu on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi, I'm trying to print a report that contains multiple information from multiple tables. For example, I have a list of sectors, and for each sector, I want to be able to print the team members allocated to that sector, and below that i want to print various lists, such as client contacts, events and marketing. Each one of these are currently in a different table, and shown on the screen within portals.


An example of what I want to see:




Team Member 1

Team Member 2

Team Membert n

Areas of opportunity

Area of opportunity 1 (could be multiple lines)

Area of opportunity 2

Area of opportunity n

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision 1 (could be multiple lines)

Strategic Vision 2

Strategic Vision n

Client & Contacts

Client Contact Lead Action Outcome 1 (could be multiple lines)

Client Contact Lead Action Outcome 2

Client Contact Lead Action Outcome n

Events and Marketing

Month Targeted events Seminars & Conferences Marketing Materials 1 (could be multiple lines)



I hope I've explained myself clearly, I'd really appreciate any help you can give.