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Custom Web Publishing Session Duration

Question asked by Gregory_Smith on Mar 18, 2013
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Custom Web Publishing Session Duration


I am looking for information/resources regarding the nitty-gritty of how FileMaker Server Advanced 12 handles CWP “sessions”.



I understand from the documentation (fms12_cwp_php_en.pdf) that “Custom Web Publishing with PHP does not use persistent database sessions.” However, when I use the FMS Admin tool to see connected clients I notice that a “php client” remains connected for a few minutes after a “hit” on a php script. Also, if I “re-hit” the same script I do not see any additional php connections... I see that apparently the *same* php connection is being used for subsequent executions of the script. That is, if I repeatedly hit a webpage that causes the php script to fire several times I do not see more than one “php connection” with the FMS admin tool. After I stop hitting the web page the connection apparently “persists” for a few minutes. (I understand it is not necessarily “persisting” in the database sense of the word.)



Where can I find more information on exactly how/when FMS creates new PHP connections? Apart from the FileMaker documentation, are there are other resources with the details of some of the inner workings of CWP in FMS 12?



In my FileMaker solution I set a webviewer, on some layouts, to fire scripts with CWP. A given user may cause some of these scripts to fire several times over the course of a few seconds. I’d like to understand how CWP deals with these rapid hits.



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