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Changing Data Schema in Live File?

Question asked by ca78 on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by gdurniak

Planning a large project that I would like to develop in several different modules, where I want to complete one module, get users started, add the next module then implement and so on. I am using the seperation model and all security setup is in data file to allow me to change interface files easily, but there will be changes to the data files with each additional module.


Is it a major concern to continue to make changes to the data schema while it is in use? I plan to allow users to update their passwords, so therefore managing an update on a data file becomes quite a bit more difficult, especially when these are enterprise wide apps that I really do not want to shut down for any extended period of time, once they are operational. If I work on a cloned copy and then 2 weeks later export data from my live file and import into my updated data file, I lose all of the security changes that have been made duing that development period.


I have looked at Refresh FM, but I think that automates the movement of data from one file to another but not security information. Is there any method in Filemaker to get to security data to import into a different file?


I don't like the idea of storing the security information in an actual table and then script all user and password management, but is my only solution to do that? (store all userid, passwords and privilege set information in an actual data table and then script and upgrade routine to add the users back into the new data file)


Does anyone have any alternative ideas?