Weird Date Problem - Incorrect Evaluation in Script

Discussion created by ChrisVanBuren on Mar 19, 2013
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Any ideas on this?


-Customer complains about system malfunctioning.


-I go to the script in question. In the script, there are nested If statements. They are like this:


DayName(Get(CurrentDate)) = "Monday" etc


-I run the script in the debugger. It goes to "Monday" which is odd as today is Tuesday.


-I open a watch window in the data viewer, I type in DayName(Get(CurrentDate)), it says "Tuesday".


-I go to the offending script step.


-I open the If calc box. I make no changes.


-I exit the script saving any changes


-I rerun the script and it goes to Tuesday. Problem fixed.






File recovers OK.


File has just been put into use from a FM6 conversion.


Thanks for any ideas.





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